Tower and Mobile Cranes

Supplying sturdy, high performing tower and mobile cranes, Select Cranes and Rigging carry out industry safety regulations without compromising on quality. Continuing to build a reputation on hard work and results, we offer fully qualified crane crews, riggers and dogmen that deliver results, on time, every time.


Terex Franna Pick & Carry cranes live up to their name with the strength and easy operation to pick up heavy loads and the steering flexibility to move in tight spaces. Their high road speeds get them to the job site quickly, and because the articulated frame needs no outriggers, you can get set up and working straight away. With these machines, you have the power, finesse, and versatility to lift almost anything anywhere.

Model Max Tip Load Max Boom Length Specifications
AT 20 - 3 1.6 tonne 15.8 metres
MAC 25 - 3 1.8 tonne 15.71 metres


Favelle Favco cranes are well known as high-speed diesel hydraulic luffing cranes. Their brand reputation, with a track record of building 9 out of 10 of the world’s tallest buildings, is indisputable. They are also especially suitable for sites where power is not readily available. Applications for these cranes include Dams, Bridges, Shipyards, Power Plants, High Rise Structures.

Model Max Tip Load Max Boom Length Specifications
1000E MKII 2.2 tonne 64.4 metres
M220DX 2.5 tonne 61.5 metres
M310D 2.0 tonne 60.8 metres
STD 750 2.2 tonne 52.8 metres
STD 1500 6 tonne 61 metres


This tower crane is the optimum in construction equipment demonstrating not only superb strength, stiffness and fatigue resistance but also outstanding performance and reliability. Features include horizontal arm bracket, hydraulic self-propelling mechanisms and a variety of safety devices. Used in a wide application for the construction of high rise towers, hotels, residential and industrial buildings.

Model Max Capacity Max Boom Length Specifications
MC310/K12 12 tonne 70 metres


The Maeda 355HC 3 tonne mini crawler is a high-performance solution with easy access. Specialist lifting applications in restricted areas on domestic and construction sites. Their compact dimensions and ability to manoeuvre mean that in many lift situations they replace the need for much larger cranes.

Model Max Tip Load Max Boom Length Specifications
MC-355HC 2.9 tonne 12.33 meters


A fixed crane, assembled and disassembled on a location where it is used. Since a derrick crane has a fixed tower and is usually immobile, these cranes are used in locations where items need to be moved from a common initial point to a single nearby location such as shipping platforms and construction sites. The Derrick is highly acclaimed for its efficiency, reliability & optimal tolerance capacity

Model Max Tip Load Max Boom Length Specifications
SLD 30-15 5.2 tonne 30 meters